Reasons to give thanks aplenty

By Wendel Sloan: FNM columnist

I usually find the inspirational sayings and dewy-eyed images in friends’ Facebook postings somewhat schmaltzy.

However, a recent photo of the emaciated arm of an African child being grasped by an American aid worker with the caption, “You are living her dream life,” did sink in.

Like most, I often feel that I am falling short or missing out on something.

Yet, that subconscious anxiety was supplanted by the Facebook posting on a recent Sunday morning as I drove to Walmart in my current-model car.

I thought about it while buying $110 worth of groceries — including such essentials as nutrition drinks, four kinds of nuts, six kinds of fruit and cultivated yogurt for my Chef Juandel smoothies.

Of course, there were chips, sweets and drinks for watching the Cowboys on my 42-inch, surround-sound TV at the house I own — with stocked refrigerator, oven and microwave, washer and dryer, heating and cooling, four cordless phones, books and CDs, sectional with reclining chairs…

I thought about the image when I played basketball, tennis and golf that week.

I thought about it at my fulfilling job with creative co-workers and a supportive boss.

I thought about it while planning my Thanksgiving trip to Texas to feast with family and friends.

I hope that I never forget that image.

It reminds me that most days — even for the anti-schmaltzy — are Thanksgiving.