Women’s thoughts on power vary

In Newsweek, Moshe Dayan’s widow, Ruth Dayan, 95, expressed pessimism about peace between Israelis and Arabs.

“I long for the old Israel…It was about living together, working together, creating a bridge.

“I’m friends with so many Arabs. This government does not represent my values…Both sides think they are freedom fighters.”

Three area women surprised me with their views about whether a world run by females would be better.

Kaylee Peterson, 20, said, “There needs to be an equal amount of female and males in power because both see things differently.

“A man shuts everyone out to what they think; a woman will tell you how it is.”

Jennifer Neilson, 26, said, “Since the existence of humankind, God intended men to be in control. There are many women that could lead this country; however, that is not the way it was intended. Women play an equally important role to men; it’s just a different role.”

Kelsi Flake, 18, said, “The Bible says God created Adam first when he began the creation of our world. He also created woman for man. This set the gender-based role and responsibility of men to be the leaders of families, providers and protectors.

“The role of females is to be that of helper and nurturer under their protection.”

If you disagree, shoot the young women (metaphorically) — not the messenger.

I am interested in your opinion — perhaps publishing the most thought-provoking.