New holiday lights in place

CNJ staff photo: Tony Bullocks A new Christmas light decoration shines Wednesday in front of the State Theater on Main Street. The city replaced the old lights with more energy-efficient lights.

Benna Sayyed

Christmas on Main Street will be a little brighter this year.

The Clovis-Curry County Chamber of Commerce and city of Clovis teamed together to purchase 50 new snowflake design lights.

The holiday lights will extend from Hotel Clovis to Commerce Street to decorate the heart of the community, according to Legislative and Community Development Director Claire Burroughes.

“The lights are a beautiful addition to the holidays,” Burroughes said. “Their uniform design enhances the appearance of our downtown area.”

Last year’s candy cane and Christmas tree-style lights failed due to high winds, Burroughes said. She also said several residents complained to city officials about damaged lights.

Burroughes said the chamber raised $8,000 and the city provided the rest of the cost for the $17,610 needed for the lights.

The new lights are light-emitting diode lights; last year’s lights were incandescent. The light-emitting diode lights have a longer life, can withstand the area’s high winds and are more-energy efficient, Burroughes said.

“I think the lights add so much to the spirit of the holidays especially to the Christmas Light Parade and make our community shine,” said Ernie Kos, executive director of the Clovis-Curry County Chamber of Commerce.

“This is a small project, but it is a great example of how you can get things done when you have public-private partnerships like we do in our community,” Kos said.