Seeking local discussion on liberty

While liberty is a full-time passion of mine, writing about it is merely a part-time urge. A pretty strong urge that will not be ignored, but one which can be delayed when necessary.

Life is usually pretty full of other things, which tend to get in the way of things I plan to write about; especially those topics that require more time than simply sorting through the files in my head.

For one thing, I keep intending to talk to some of the other local libertarians I know about, just to see if their experiences living liberty relate in any way to mine.

But it seems busy-ness keeps getting in the way.

I’m planning to remedy that soon.

And, in pursuit of that goal, I would like a chance to get to know more local libertarians, and libertarian-inclined people. Or the “liberty curious,” as an imaginary libertarian personal ad might say.

I know more are out there than I have noticed since, as I have mentioned before, libertarians don’t usually attract much attention because we are so unremarkable.

Maybe you are one.

Perhaps this column has piqued your interest in the past year and you’d like to discuss liberty with other interested people in an informal setting.

Maybe you are even suspicious of liberty, but won’t be offended if your best arguments don’t change my mind. In that case I’d be glad to let you take your best shot. I have been told I am contagious, however, so you might be taking a risk.

I’m not interested in getting together to fight or argue, but friendly debate is always welcome.

One thing I’m probably not very interested in discussing is politics. Well, make that two things, because I’m not interested in talking about sports either.

Besides, there are plenty of places to talk about those more mundane topics.

Just about anything else, taboo, deep, or just plain odd, is on the table.

So, as long as you are willing, I’d be glad to get together somewhere to get to know you and hear your thoughts on freedom and liberty, and what they mean in your own day-to-day life.

If enough people are interested we could even schedule regular chats at some local venue after the holidays are over.

Don’t be shy. I am not scary … to most people. And neither is liberty.