Sweet Home New Mexico: Calling New Mexico home — for now

I never thought my passion for blogging about the comings and goings of my family would lead me to pursue a position as a columnist, but here I am and I am happy to be here! By way of introduction, Cannon Air Force Base is my family’s first Air Force home. I am an Alabama girl, born and raised, so the small-town atmosphere Clovis possesses reminds me of home, minus the southern accents and tall green pine trees.

As for my family, I showed tremendous faith in my husband and married him while he was obtaining his undergraduate degree from the University of Memphis. By the time he graduated from law school at the University of Alabama nearly five years later, we had two and a half children. Our youngest was born in Clovis just a few weeks after we moved here and got our household goods. Until you have moved across country eight months pregnant and with two small children two weeks before Christmas, I’m telling you that you haven’t lived.

In my former life, I taught high school American history. It had its rewarding moments, but I have been fortunate to stay at home with my children since my oldest child, my son who is now 6, was born. Some days, the stars align and I feel like I have a decent handle on this parenthood thing, and then some days I feel like I just put out fires all day long. But whatever the day brings, at the end of it, I’d rather be at home with my kids than not. I know there are many parents who wish they could stay at home and then there are many who are glad they cannot. It takes all kinds to make the world go ‘round. I marvel at parents who successfully juggle the responsibilities of home, children, and a full-time career. I’m not so sure I could keep my kids in clean clothes and feed them anything besides Happy Meals if I worked outside of my home, so I tip my hat to those who do it well.

Being married to the military and a mother of three, I look forward to sharing the events of my life and the ramblings of my inner monologues. I have discovered that all husbands and wives and all mothers and fathers experience the same things, even if we are not experiencing them all at the same time. My columns will be relatable, if nothing else.

Being an Air Force spouse has given me membership to an honorable club. I have learned much of what it means to serve my country through my spouse during our short time in the Air Force. I could not be more thankful for this journey and the memories we are creating along the way.