Proposal could make mail delivery take day longer

Benna Sayyed

The passage of a U.S. Postal Service proposal could cause mail delivery in the area to take a day longer, but local postal jobs will not be affected, according to a spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service.

The proposal includes moving a mail processing center from Clovis to Lubbock. First-class mail service standards call for delivery between one to three days. If the processing center is moved, area residents could have to wait two to three days to receive their mail.

The Postal Service will hold a public input meeting 6 p.m. Dec. 15 at the Clovis Civic Center. Information taken from the meeting will be gathered with written information submitted to the Postal Service Arizona District through Dec. 30.

According to Peter Haff, spokesman for the Postal Service, the proposal is part of a larger proposal by the postmaster general that the Postal Service change service standards for first class mail at 250 locations around the nation.

“There could be some changes to mail delivery in terms of the length of time it might takes to get mail delivered under the new service standard, but that will be a national change,” Haff said.

Haff said the Postal Service is proposing to consolidate the mail processing operation in Clovis with the operation in Lubbock to save money in transportation, management and equipment operations. A recent feasibility study by the Postal Service indicates that the shift in operations from Clovis to Lubbock could save an estimated $611,387 without a change in employee numbers.

“There would be no job impacts in terms of the move from Clovis to Lubbock of the mail processing. That probably means that there are employees that have multiple duties in Clovis including mail processing that will continue to work in Clovis,” Haff said.

“The bottom line for the Postal Service is that we have to continue to look for ways to become more efficient, reduce our cost while continuing to provide service to our customers.”

The decision to make the change will be made after the first of the new year.