Voters should support Sunday alcohol sales

Portales restaurant owners should decide what’s best for their restaurants.

Not the mayor. Not the city council. Not a preacher. Not anyone else.

That seems pretty basic to freedom lovers: Run your business as you see fit. But the law doesn’t allow for that common-sense interpretation. So Portales is holding an election Tuesday to see where a majority of those who vote stand on individual rights vs. majority rule.

Don’t be fooled by the smokescreen claims this is a referendum on alcohol consumption, or economic development, or competing with Clovis (it already allows Sunday alcohol sales in restaurants). It is really about neighbors being asked to control businesses they don’t own.

Since it is a question up for public vote, we urge you to support common sense and approve this ballot measure. Here is the language you’ll read Tuesday:

“Shall Sunday liquor sales in licensed restaurants be allowed within the local option district of the city of Portales?”

If this measure receives a majority vote for it, some restaurateurs no doubt will choose to sell customers beer and wine Sundays, which government says they cannot do now. But many others will choose not to sell alcohol.

How different is that from menu variation? Some restaurants sell hamburgers, some sell filet mignon, and others sell Mexican food dishes.

If you don’t like a restaurant owner’s decision to sell beer, or not to sell fried squash, then you can choose not to go there. But don’t prevent people from having a choice different from yours just because the choice involves whether to have an alcoholic beverage.

Free people have no God-given right to determine a restaurant’s menu any more than they have authority to select programing for CBS or ESPN.

It’s a small price to pay for freedom from government, which has been known to mandate everything from the kind of car you drive to your religious practices.

On Tuesday, we urge Portales residents to vote for individual freedom, opposing government oppression and mob rule. Support liquor by the drink on Sundays in Portales.