Food choices not an endorsement

People haven’t started making resolutions just yet… possibly because they’re too busy enjoying the things they’re going to resolve to not do in 2012.

That’s certainly been the case if people are resolving not to get offended so easily. They’re doing plenty of it right now on some pretty trivial things.

• Last Wednesday was Dec. 7, 2011 — the 70th anniversary of Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor.

The Sidwell Friends school where Malia and Sasha Obama attend served a lunch that day including teriyaki chicken, edamame, tofu, fried rice, fortune cookies and oriental noodle salad. Local television station WUSA did a report on it, because people were angry — how could Obama’s children eat Asian food on the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks?

Never mind, that most of the menu was Chinese food, and China was an ally during World War II. It is a little amusing that you have to assume all Asians are the same to find something else offensive. No word if WUSA reported on Pei Wei and Panda Express staying open that day, or if people drove Japanese cars to work.

And even if that menu was all Japanese food, it doesn’t mean that the school’s anti-American. Supportive commenters on WUSA’s Facebook page asked, “Would you eat falafel on Sept. 11?” Um, sure … eating food is not a blanket endorsement of everything a country or a culture has done or will ever do.

And even if it was such an endorsement, you still have to show me that school meals of the First Daughters hold some kind of key information on presidential policy.

• The nation’s undergoing Tebowmania. Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is 7-1 as a starter and seems to have a penchant for fourth-quarter comebacks — including a 13-10 overtime win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

But people are offended that not everybody’s into Tebowmania, and they’re assuming because he’s an outspoken Christian.

I can tell you that’s not my issue. I don’t mind Tim Tebow; I think he’s genuine, I think he’s a good teammate, and I wish him well until he plays my team.

What irritates me about Tebow is actually something out of his control — the inordinate amount of credit he gets. And I know some Broncos fans who feel the same way.

Tebow deserves some credit; his ability to extend plays matters in a league where the defense usually makes a stop in six seconds or less. But when Denver beat Chicago, the Bronco defense forced 11 punts, knocked Bears running back Marion Barber out of bounds late to save 40 seconds of clock time and caused a turnover in overtime. Kicker Matt Prater hit a 59-yard field goal to force overtime and a 51-yarder for the win. Yet all I hear is, “Tebow does it again,” from talking heads and my Twitter/Facebook friends. Maybe they could credit his teammates, like Tebow does.

• OK, so there’s one thing that offends me … or maybe it concerns me, but it’s worth mentioning. Dusk is coming earlier. Snow’s coming more often, as is rain. Recent days have been so foggy I could throw a baseball and not see where it landed. Every time I drive in one of these scenarios, about 50 percent of the drivers on the road don’t have lights on.

Whoever you are: The lights aren’t always so you can see; they’re so other people can see you. And if you don’t realize it, I really wouldn’t mind if our men and women in law enforcement pull you over to remind you.