High school tagged with graffiti

CNJ Staff: Tony Bullocks Al Sloniker of Clovis, a painter for the Clovis Municipal School District, removes graffiti Thursday from the side of building D. The building was tagged sometime Wednesday night according to school officials. Clovis High School Principal Wayne Marshall said this is not something that happens often and when it does, the graffiti is removed quickly.

Benna Sayyed

Four buildings at Clovis High School were tagged with graffiti Wednesday night.

According to Clovis High Principal Wayne Marshall, buildings D, C, the band building and the boiler room were tagged extensively.

Marshall said the graffiti did not appear to be gang related or intended to represent any group or individual.

“It looked like somebody was upset about something and they came and expressed that. It wasn’t nice stuff that they wrote. Whoever wrote it was upset about something,” Marshall said.

“There were some places where whoever did it kind of concentrated their work and put it on the walls. And then there was just little stuff kind of scattered.”

Marshall said he received the first call at 6 a.m. from a member of the maintenance staff notifying him of the vandalism.

Marshall said the best way to combat graffiti is to remove it as quickly as possible. He said it prevents offenders from receiving any satisfaction of having their work displayed and possibly curb motivation to do more tagging.

“We have great group of maintenance workers that come down and take it down. It think because of this we don’t get tagged a lot, because we’re so proactive about dealing with it,” Marshall said.

According to Marshall, graffiti is not a recurring problem at CHS.

He said several CHS buildings were tagged within the last two and half years he’s been principal.

“I like that our high school is in the middle of a neighborhood and I think that just means there is a lot of eyes on our school. I think that’s good. I think that’s why we probably don’t have a problem.”