Snow days help with pre-holiday plans

Things to do on a snow day, especially when that snow day comes several weeks before Christmas.

• Finish hanging and arranging the Christmas lights you did not get to, which was most of them. Remember that your northeastern native body does not really perceive this weather as unbearably cold, as most in the southwestern clime do.

• Teach your granddaughter how to use the wrench that loosens the main water line, so she and you can turn it on and off, getting water until the frozen sprinkler underground is fixed.

• Make turkey and wild rice stew.

• Teach your granddaughter yet another lesson about feeding the birds, and how to place the food in places where there will be wind shelter for them.

• Go out and practice cross country skiing in the alleys. Even though it is not the Enchanted Forest, it helps you to get your snow legs back for a new winter.

• Hope that there will be enough snow, this winter, to make getting your snow legs back a worthwhile goal.

• Place the wooden Santas, reindeer, snowpeople, etc., with help from the aforementioned granddaughter.

• Try to realize that worrying about what you didn’t get covered this semester is a lot like driving on snow.

• Try to realize that, with or without a snow day, you’d not cover everything you expect yourself to cover in class.

• Make hot cocoa for the previously mentioned granddaughter.

• Make pinon coffee for yourself.

• Split firewood and move it to the porch to dry.

• Make a Christmas shopping list for everything or everyone whom you haven’t already covered.

• Make up stories, with your granddaughter, about reindeer who lead choirs of other reindeer and the songs that they sing.

• Find the cable Christmas music channel, which is essential for the performing musical reindeer.

Snow days can be a lot of fun. Post Christmas snow days are okay, but ones strategically placed several weeks before Christmas are like a gift, given to accomplish some of those pre-holiday plans.