Letter to the editor: ‘Angel’ makes Christmas brighter

We all get consumed by everyday life. Sometimes we lose sight of what’s really important.

We try to make up for it here and there, never thinking to look at those around us in need. I for one am guilty of this.

This year my husband and I were plagued by bad luck. We are now living with my brother-in-law and his wife. The feeling of not having our own home saddened us, but in all we have truly been blessed by our family and friends.

We have been getting by and making changes necessary in our lives in order for it to get better. Things are starting to turn around.

Monday night, my sister-in-law checked the mail and found two Christmas greeting cards — one for each family. As she opened hers, she immediately began to cry.

I asked her what was wrong, but I should have asked what was right.

She handed me my greeting card and the tears just flowed, hands shaking.

We were blessed by an “Anonymous Angel.” The card contained a cash gift for both of our families from someone who cared, who noticed our hardships and my inlaws’ generosity, our ability to keep our chins up and our family’s love for each other.

This “Anonymous Angel” decided to make our Christmas a little brighter.

If more people could do this, no matter the gift, could you imagine how wonderful this world would be?

It doesn’t have to be just at Christmas. I for one definitely will be paying this forward; it is a blessing.

And whoever you are, we are speechless: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for feeling we are worthy of such a gift.

May you be blessed always.