Portales businesses upbeat on liquor sale approval

Alisa Boswell

With Sunday liquor sales approved by voters on Dec. 13, businesses serving alcoholic beverages are already in the process of turning in their applications for Sunday liquor licenses, according to Portales City Clerk Joan Martinez-Terry.

“We called them all to make sure they all got the same information,” Martinez-Terry said. “The Bureau of Elections in the Secretary of State’s office, the Alcohol and Gaming office and the county clerk’s office certify the election and I certify that everything was signed appropriately and according to the law.”

Martinez-Terry said she has already finished all paperwork and results, and now it’s a matter of restaurants turning in their applications then getting approved for a license.

Business officials with alcohol sales seemed to agree the change is going to be positive for the Portales economy.

Tawnalei Tagaloa, manager of Pizza Hut in Portales, said her company has already turned in their application and is awaiting approval.

“As far as businesses, I think we’ll get a little extra push,” Tagaloa said. “We already have customers wanting to buy beer. We’ve had a couple of people complain that they can’t get beer on Sundays. It’s going to be more of a convenience, because they won’t have to travel to Clovis.”

She said she thinks they will be much busier on Sundays now, because of people wanting a beer while watching games and so on.

Restaurant owners and managers said they think it will not only be a boost for businesses in Portales but good for the overall economy and revenue of the city.

“I don’t necessarily think it’s going to be a positive effect as far as any alcohol issues, but as far as money, yes, I think it’s going to be a positive effect on the economy,” Tagaloa said.

Mark Vigil, owner of Vines Italian Restaurant said business owners need to embrace what the people want and voters have spoken that this is what they want.

“Dallan Sanders was a friend of mine and he was a real visionary. He had this passion that Portales would evolve into a world class rural community,” Vigil said. “I think he’d be proud to know the community passed it. We’ve got so many great assets here and I think that the passage of these Sunday alcohol sales is just one more piece of the puzzle to help us evolve into that world class community.”

Cattle Baron Manager Richard Chambers said he believes Portales has more to offer people and this is one way of bringing more to the community.

He said the Sunday liquor sales will also bring more jobs to the community.

“Vines will be open on Sundays now, so that’s going to be a whole other day they weren’t open before and they are going to have to hire new people and I’ll have to hire new people as well,” Chambers said. “I think it’s great for Portales that people won’t be driving to Clovis to eat and have a glass of wine or beer. There aren’t a lot of eating options here, so it will be good for the community.”