Sweet Home New Mexico: One step at a time

With the merriment of the holiday season soon behind us, many of us will now point our focus to our resolutions for the new year. We will try to forget about the ridiculous amount of goodies we’ve consumed and about the food and drink with which we have over-indulged ourselves since before Halloween. We will all feel a little guilty; a little convicted perhaps. With no more holidays that include huge meals as part of the celebration until Easter, some of us think we may actually be able to undo undo some of the holiday party damage.

I’m not a big fan of making long lists of New Year’s resolutions; mainly because by Jan. 10 I have totally fallen off the wagon where they are concerned. I think it’s important to have goals, and more important to work toward achieving those goals, but I have discovered my problem with resolutions is they are more of giant, impossible leaps rather than small, achievable steps. No matter what, I will not ever fit into my jeans from ten years ago by February. So I get frustrated and sort of, well, give up.

If I were to take a poll, I know I would find “exercise more” or “start exercising” on everyone’s list. I love the way I feel after a good workout, but my problems lie in getting the motivation to actually go work out. I have a hard time leaving all the things that need to be done at home to go to the gym, even though I know it is good for me. I carry several loads of laundry up and down my stairs, burn a pretty decent amount of calories vacuuming and bending over to pick up a lot of toys, but unfortunately, this nearly-32-year old mother of three, with a metabolism that has all but decided to stop functioning, needs more work than that. Most days, I would rather scrub my toilets than go exercise.

It’s something I really, really wish I loved to do more. I used to, three kids and ten years ago. These days, when I do get the gumption to get myself to the gym, I tend to enjoy the more non-traditional forms of exercise. Yoga is a surprisingly great workout, spin classes burn an amazing amount of calories in a short time and the Zumba classes on base are much more fun than they should be. To me, Zumba doesn’t even feel like exercise, but I am always soaked with sweat when I leave, so I know I must have done something right.

I need to limit my soda intake. Diet sodas taste like cough syrup to me, all of them, but it would go a long way toward achieving my fitness goals if I could reduce or give up soda all together. I’ve decided even if I only do one small thing better every day, that is still something. Here’s to being better at everything in 2012 we feel we fall short of, one small step at a time!