McGee: Christmas gatherings can get weird

It looks like The Lady of the House and I will be spending Christmas Day without family. So we’ll just be hanging around the house in our “Watchin’-TV-and-eatin’” clothes.

I love seeing the kinfolk, but sometimes it’s good to just have a quiet Christmas. Because you know, sometimes when family shows up things can get weird.

For instance I remember one Christmas a big family get-together was planned at my parents’ house.

Sometime Christmas Eve afternoon one of my cousins arrived with her husband in tow after driving several hours. Hubby brought in all the bags while wife started chatting with folks in the kitchen.

I don’t know what happened but pretty soon voices were raised and it was obvious a rousing debate was going on in there. Suddenly the cousin burst from the other room and told her husband, “Get our stuff, we’re leaving.”

Husband looked quite surprised as he was just about to take the first bite from a sandwich he’d just made from the meat and cheese platter. A glop of mayonnaise landed on his pants. He dutifully gathered up their bags and they walked out the door.

Then there’s the acquaintance who told the tale of opening presents Christmas morning and receiving the gift of a nifty, high-dollar tool box.

“How is this is a present for both of us?” asked his wife. “A tool box?”

“It’s for his job,” said the gift-giving relative.

After that it all went downhill. Imagine the food fight scene from the movie “Animal House.”

The end result was the wife was presented with the receipt and was offered to exchange the gift for something she liked. Needless to say, the following Christmas he showed up for the festivities alone.

Stories like these make me appreciate sitting around the house in my “Watchin’-TV-and-eatin’” clothes.

Merry Christmas to all!