Sweet Home New Mexico: Looking to fast forward through next few months

It’s not even a week past Christmas day and I’m already experiencing a post-Christmas letdown. Am I the only one that experiences this? Please, tell me no.

There are things I love about all seasons of the year, but October through December are my favorite three months of the year, no doubt. There are so many fun things that happen in those three months that are fun, but after New Year’s eve, what is there to get excited about exactly? More exercise? More fruit and vegetables? Please. I still have visions of sugar plums dancing in my head.

Aside from celebrating my third child’s birthday, January is pretty dead to me. It’s back to bedtimes, school routines, after-school activities, and days and days of frigid temperatures. There’s really not much to look forward to until school is out and it is warm again.

My birthday is in February but now that I’ve passed 30, let’s be honest, those are no fun anymore. While I love my husband very much, and I am thankful he is so good to me, after seven years of marriage and three kids, Valentine’s Day is just another day, and much more work than it used to be now that I’m baking for school parties.

I’m not Irish, and I don’t drink, so St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t really do anything for me. There is a brief blip of excitement for me at Easter, and Cinco de Mayo is a wonderful excuse for me not to cook supper and enjoy a stuffed avocado at one of the local Mexican restaurants.

Then, finally, comes the freedom of summer and the year finally begins to clip along at a fairly nice pace before the last three months of it run together and race by me at warp-speed.

But January to May — ugh. The upside of the first half of this year will be is that I have discovered Pinterest, and I have tons of projects, crafts and new recipes I want to try. If you don’t know what Pinterest is, then do yourself a favor and don’t try to find out. As if I didn’t waste enough of my day on Facebook already, along comes Pinterest. It’s a cleaner addiction than most, but an addiction nonetheless. I keep saying I am going to break up with both it and Facebook and reclaim the free hours of my life, but alas, I can’t find the gumption to do it.

I think for many, January is a time of goal-making and resolutions. For me, it’s a time of looking forward to June. I don’t want to wish any portion of my life away, but I will look forward to the summer with the excitement of a child anticipating the arrival of Santa. So long, 2011!