Only need one resolution

I think I’ll just forego the whole New Year’s resolution thing this year.

What’s the point? With the Mayan calendar running out in December I’ll never get the chance to enjoy the benefits and might spend all year trying to accomplish them only to be swept away in cataclysm.

Granted, losing about 120 pounds and being in great physical shape might serve me well if things start to get tough right after Thanksgiving and we all have to revert to survival mode. But then all the clothes I got for Christmas would look really bad hanging off a 120-pound frame.

Actually, I don’t need to lose 120 pounds — 60 or 80 would be about right. And I really don’t put a lot of stock in the predictions of disaster later this year.

I seem to recall another doomsday prediction labeled Y2K that had a lot greater chance of coming to fruition. But of course that prediction fizzled completely.

It was a memorable New Year’s Eve that year, however, for a completely different reason. My wife and I both had the worst case of flu you can imagine and came down with it over 700 miles from home right after Christmas.

We managed to drive back from Portales to our home in Colorado, but I don’t know how we made it. Talk about driving impaired without drinking a drop, that was us.

We got back in time for New Year’s Eve and went to a local restaurant that advertised a full setup including prime rib, dessert, champagne, hats and noisemakers and a live band. We had the salad and a little bit of the prime rib and got everything else to go before the band ever showed up.

At home we sprawled on the couch and dozed until the ball in Times Square dropped live Eastern Standard Time (10 p.m. MST) and headed to bed. We knew the entire power grid and Internet was likely only hours from collapse but we didn’t care.

My only New Year’s prediction this year is we’ll find out that the Mayans either got it wrong or ran out of stone tablets in which to chisel calendars.

My only resolution is to get a flu shot this fall and take lots of vitamins. The last thing I need is another case of flu like that Y2K bug.

I will wish everyone a safe, prosperous and happy New Year. If that doesn’t happen for you blame the Mayans or Y2K.