New museum would enrich town

On Dec. 26, I gave a presentation to Fort Sumner Mayor Windell Bridges, resident J.W. Wilson and DeBaca County News Publisher Scot Stinnett.

The subject of my presentation was Fort Sumner Army Air Field and what I foresee as a World War II museum commemorating that training field to be located at the municipal airport.

The proposed FSAAF Museum would tell the full story of the aviation training at the municipal airport and the Prisoner of War camps, but it would also tell the story of local WWII veterans such as Navy Capt. Deak Parsons and his brother, Marine Bob Parsons.

A new museum in Fort Sumner would provide not only academic enrichment for the community but also an economic impact with visitors coming to see the new museum and staying overnight while patronizing local restaurants and businesses.

Fort Sumner already has four museums: Windows on the West Museum, the Billy the Kid Museum, Old Fort Sumner Museum, and the Bosque Redondo Museum.

We all agreed an exploratory committee for FSAAF Museum is the next best step to take.

Stinnett said we would need five to seven residents who would be energetic and committed to making FSAAF Museum a reality.

Stinnett also said we should involve Eastern New Mexico University in Portales so officials there can offer advice and direction and perhaps help with historical research matters.

We also agreed I should return to Fort Sumner this summer and give a presentation to a larger group of people.

I ask that anyone with information on FSAAF please contact me.