Discrepancies found in grading system information

Freedom New Mexico

The trial A-F grading system information released Tuesday by the New Mexico Public Education Department included discrepancies for two Clovis schools.

Clovis High School (64.0) and the Clovis Freshman Academy (62.7) received a point value that corresponded to a B letter grade, but the state education department website indicated they received a C letter grade.

The NMPED and Gov. Susana Martinez offices did not return calls Wednesday seeking answers.

Clovis Municipal Schools Superintendent Terry Myers said he was aware of the discrepancies but he is not concerned because the district is not putting emphasis on the trial grades.

“We’ve noticed those discrepancies, but we don’t have the specifics of the system, so it would be very difficult for us to tell them they are wrong or right. We are going to wait until we see the specifics before we question the integrity of any of the grades” Myers said.