Home builders work to relieve housing needs

Cannon Connections: Alisa Boswell Michelle Bailey, of HomeSpot Properties, looks over furniture in one of the houses for sale in a HomeSpot housing edition off 18th Street in Portales. General Manager Jody Bailey said many of their properties are sold or rented to military members.

Alisa Boswell

Many new Clovis and Portales home editions are being built to be affordable for families, according to officials of local property management companies.

According to these housing officials, most buyers and renters for their properties are military members.

Bob Linn, of Linn Homes, said he has 70 houses in his College Park housing edition on the east side of Clovis and at least 60 of them are occupied by Cannon Air Force Base personnel.

“College Park is three and four bedroom homes starting at 1200 square feet and going up to 2200 square feet,” Linn said. “It’s a broad range, so we pretty much try to build a large variety of everything. I try to make it smart building to where it works for everyone.”

Jody Bailey, general manager of HomeSpot Properties in Portales, said his company also works to make homes with variety.

“We try and give people options. We have some that have no yards for people who want a low profile yard with little up-keep,” Bailey said. “We have some with backyards for if they have children or pets. We try to keep our rents or prices at a price that families, like military families, can afford and works for them.”

Bailey said some of the HomeSpot housing editions include Ravenwood Estates on the east end of 18th Street and housing editions on Boston Avenue, Spruce Street and Avenue K.

“That was our answer to people who wanted affordable housing in Portales,” he said of the Ravenwood Estates, which includes brand new three-bedroom, two-bathroom houses, starting at $750.

“It gives people the ability to own for the same price that rent would cost them. We felt like one of the things we’re committed to is Portales,” Bailey said. “We felt like it was important to have a competitive housing area that could compare to Clovis. We are not limited to here but we decided our development would be here because we believe in this community.”

Bailey said a lot of people are scared of buying houses because they think they can’t afford them, which is why HomeSpot charging mortgages equal to rent is convenient for buyers.

“We’re hoping people will see the value in it. Out of the Boston division, 80 percent of those homes are occupied by military families,” Bailey said. “What a lot of Cannon personnel don’t realize is that the base is halfway between the two communities. It’s not in Clovis.”

Linn said costs for homes in College Park can vary, depending on the buyer and the purchase plan they choose.

“We’re going to continue building over there,” Linn said. “The next unit is going to have another 70 lots in that one. I’ve got a four-bedroom house we just broke ground on.”