Tim Tebow refreshing to watch

By the time you read this Tim Tebow may be back to worshipping God in a church instead of on a football field.

I hope he’s making plans to play in an AFC Conference Champion-ship next Sunday but I don’t necessarily believe God is going to look down on Tom Brady and the Patriots.

This whole buildup of Tebow’s need to immediately thank God when a play goes his way has been a little troubling to many. But then Christ himself evoked some of the same feelings in his day. Many didn’t want to credit him with all they saw happening with their own eyes but they knew he was something different.

I certainly don’t believe Tebow is the second-coming or anything like that but it is refreshing to see people young and old alike can have a hero in this day and age with a sound work ethic and even sounder morals. We’ve all had enough of money-flashing, drug-popping, in-trouble-with-the-law athletes.

Let’s hope he has a long and storied career and that his faith never waivers. Let’s hope the role model sticks and we see a few more like him in the future

It’s pretty interesting that the first thing this young man chooses to do with his big multi-million-dollar NFL salary is launch a foundation that builds a hospital in the area of the Philippines where he was born and his parents serve as missionaries.

I think if more pro athletes would put their resources to that type of work I would probably not rant about how over-paid they all seem to be. Can you imagine the good that would be accomplished?

I think Tebow is genuinely a man of faith and like a man of faith these days he never makes an Old Testament type request of God to deliver him a victory. I believe his prayers are prayers of thanks for the gifts he’s been given and thanks for the courage to use them in the correct way. He’s blessed with the ability to make a split-second decision on whether to pass or run the ball himself and he uses that talent well.

He’s also been blessed with something else that is far more important. He’s got a pulpit on Sunday to share the good news about his savior.

I think at first he couldn’t believe how big a deal everyone was making out of his faith. He figured it out not unlike he does on one of his decision-making rollouts during a game and just as quickly turned it to an advantage.

As long as the cameras trained on him allow him to, he’s going to talk about Jesus Christ.