More students pursuing degrees at CCC

CNJ staff

Clovis Community College is in line with its spring semester numbers from last year, and it appears more people are pursuing degrees.

Lisa Spencer, marketing director for CCC, said the numbers on Tuesday — the first day of school for the two-year college — are close to the spring 2011 early head count of 3,621 students, but said a higher concentration are seeking degrees rather than taking a few classes on the side.

“That’s good; we want to get them in,” Spencer said. “There have been changes as far as the Legislature looking at funding by students graduating rather than enrolling. They want (students) to complete (degrees).”

Of the 3,621 students in the spring 2011 head count, Spencer said 1,660 were full-time students seeking degrees. The rest mainly fell into the categories of community members taking health classes for gym access, art classes to learn hobbies or a computer class to improve or refresh skills.

Spencer said the spring semester is always less frenzied than the fall semester, and 2012 is no exception. But she also noted the parking lot has been packed, and plenty of students have been enrolling for classes.

They can continue to do so until Monday, the final day to register for classes.

Eastern New Mexico University also started school Tuesday.