Follow God’s lead despite second thoughts

Have you ever had second thoughts? Like cooking spaghetti for supper and thinking you should have gone the roast route? Or heading down Prince Street, encountering all the traffic and wishing you had turned at Llano Estacado?

Those are second thoughts that cause us to look back over our decisions and ponder on what could have been or what would have been better.

But sometimes I have made hefty decisions, big decisions, had second thoughts but have gone ahead with my decision when I feel a peace from the Lord about my decision. It seems that each time God has been there nudging me on. Then I see God’s deliverance or blessing in my life, pointing me toward Him and leading me all the way along. But humanly, at times I have had second thoughts.

I believe there were probably plenty of second thought people in the Bible.

Noah had second thoughts, no doubt, but went ahead with God’s lead and built the boat anyway. As a result his entire family was saved.

Moses profoundly had second thoughts when God called him to be his instrument to deliver the children of Israel out of captivity. Moses used excuse after excuse to try to convince God why he wasn’t the man for the job. Yet Moses obeyed God in spite of his second thoughts and the children of Israel were delivered.

Abigail for sure must have had second thoughts. One day she realized that her foolish and crass husband Nabal had set the stage for a catastrophic event by not being cordial to David’s request. David needed food for his men and all along they had camped by Nabal’s fields and animals and had not touched or harmed anything of Nabal’s. David sent word to Nabal for help with provisions for his men and Nabal, being low on public relations and foolish at heart, rebuffed David. Then God gave Abigail, Nabal’s wife, the idea to go and meet David with supplies for his army.

I am sure that Abigail had second thoughts as she headed over that rocky terrain, her donkeys loaded with supplies, facing David’s army who would fight at his command. Even more, she was going around her husband. I am sure she thought, “Am I doing the right thing?” Yet, she presented her provisions to David, and David softened toward Nabal’s rebuff. A few days later Nabal died suddenly and Abigail became David’s wife.

Luke may have had second thoughts about taking so much time in recording the birth of Jesus and all the activities surrounding Jesus’ ministry. After all Luke was a beloved and busy physician. But I am thinking that once he began to write on that parchment, he knew that he was doing the right thing. Then the Holy Spirit led him along and directed his thoughts and words and as a result, we now have the gospel of Luke and the book of Acts.

A lame beggar may have had second thoughts when Peter told him he had no money. One day Peter and John were going into the temple to pray. They encountered a lame man sitting at the gate called Beautiful in the temple courts. He asked Peter and John for money. Peter told him they none. The invalid probably had second thoughts that his begging was to no avail.

But then Peter told him that he would give him something else — healing. He told the lame man to get up and the man walked, leaping around and praising God! Second thoughts no more!

Do we as Christians at times have second thoughts? We do … but the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives takes those second thoughts away and then God blesses our obedience.