Cannon construction

USAF photo: Airman 1st Class Xavier Lockley Pergola at the Drop Zone

By 27th SOW Public Affairs

As Cannon Air Force Base, continues to grow, various construction projects have been implemented to accommodate the base’s rapidly growing demands. The 27th Special Operations Civil Engineer Squadron and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers provided the information and updates for high profile projects occurring around base.

  • Cannon Air Force Base welcome sign

Contractors began work on a “Welcome to Cannon” sign in the grassy area of the loop leading the main gate in November 2011. A second sign will be constructed on the north-east corner, at the intersection of state Route 311 and U.S. Highway 60/84.

The estimated completion date for this project is Feb. 6.

  • Pergola at the Drop Zone

Construction to knock down concrete joints, an overhang in the patio area and lighting at the Drop Zone began December 2011.

Once demolition is completed, construction will begin to refinish concrete floor and install a 10 foot pergola, ceiling fans, control lighting and a privacy fence. The remodeling will also include a 15 foot extension to the bar and will facilitate bar services to patrons on the patio.

The estimated completion date for this project is April 8.

  • Expand Visitor Control Center (VCC)

Lands outside of the VCC have been removed for the remodel and expansion. The foundation will be laid in late January.

The purpose of this project is to construct a vestibule and increase the amount of space to accommodate the growing population and number of visitors coming to Cannon. More space will allow security forces to support their mission more effectively.

Completion is estimated at 90 days from the start of construction within the facility.

  • Repair Liberty Pool

The Liberty Pool repair project entails replacing the existing swimming pool and baby wading pool. This includes upgrading the pool structures, mechanical system, pool deck and support areas to comply with current safety and regulatory standards. Underwater pool lighting, new and improved water slides and diving area with non-skid surface diving board will be included in the new pool.

Construction for this project began Oct. 6, 2011 and the anticipated completion date is May 28.

  • Fitness center

Construction at Cannon’s fitness center began Dec. 2, 2011, to tackle areas needing repair and improvement.

This project includes repair of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that will support the entire facility. There will be minor expansions for the weight room and the family fitness room. Significant improvements to the cardio room, fitness rooms, locker rooms and the vestibule area are included in this project.

Completion of this project is estimated for April 11.

  • Chavez West Entrance

Construction work has been completed on this project. The street will be re-opening at 3 a.m., Jan. 26.

  • Child Development Center

Construction to add to and alter the Chavez West CDC began Jan. 19, 2010.

The CDC will be expanded to adequately accommodate the needs of base personnel for day care services. Playgrounds will also be installed. Completion of this project is estimated for June 15.