Commentary: Band holds special meaning for couple

Courtesy photo The Caffreys with the Oak ridge Boys in 2004.

A Cannon Air Force Base couple was able to reunite with one of their favorite music groups, and capture a photograph they had been chasing for seven years.

Tech Sgt. Ed Caffrey and his wife Tyleen, had a backstage meeting with The Oak Ridge Boys prior to the group’s concert at the Curry County Events Center on Jan. 22. The couple had previously met the country band on stage at concert in Branson, Mo., when Tech Sgt. Caffrey proposed to his then-girlfriend Tyleen in August 2004.

Tech Sgt. Caffrey said there was a backstory to his choice of an Oak Ridge Concert as the perfect time to pop the question.

“The year before she had tried to cancel our second date, because she had forgotten she had already promised to take her grandmother to see the Oaks at a concert in Pittsburg, Kan.,” Caffrey said. “I insisted on going to the concert with them instead.”

Ten months later, when Caffrey was ready to propose, he contacted the band’s manager to see if they would help with his plans. “I wanted to make the proposal unforgettable,” Tech Sgt. Caffrey said, “and they agreed to help.”

The proposal went perfectly, and the Caffrey’s have an autographed photo of the event hanging in their home. But there is one thing missing from that photo — Oak Ridge Boys’ bearded-baritone William Lee Golden. Golden had suffered a heart attack prior to the Branson concert, and had not returned to touring.

“People always ask me why only three of them are in the photo,” Ty said, “we always wanted to try and complete the photo, but our schedules never allowed us to go to one of their shows.”

When the couple learned the group was coming to Clovis, they made some calls to see if a repeat meeting was possible. Through the combined efforts of the group’s manager, the event center staff, and Rooney Moon Broadcasting, the couple completed their seven-year quest.

“We’re so grateful to everyone who helped us out,” Ty said, “we’re so glad we got to meet everyone, and William Lee brought tears to my eyes when I heard him sing tonight.

“I was a great night, and a great show I will never forget.”