Oak Ridge Boys hit close to home

Thanks to three generous co-workers (they are modest, so email me for names), Portales residents Steve and Betsy Chaves and I received complimentary fourth-row tickets to celebrate Steve’s latest 29th birthday at the Oak Ridge Boys concert in Clovis.

Since the Chaves’ original plans included karaoke, I tried talking Steve into crashing the stage and singing “ba-oom-papa-oom-papa-mow-mow” during “Elvira.”

I have roots with all four Oaks, so fate surely played a role in my attendance.

Duane Allen, 68, grew up near my hometown of Mt. Vernon, Texas, and also graduated from East Texas State University.

The middle name of Joe Bonsall, 63, is Sloan.

Richard Sterban, 68, once toured with the Stamps Quartet — and I had bought stamps that morning.

Most rootfully, when I was a teenager my long blond hair resembled 73-year-old William Lee Golden’s.

Not knowing whether to dress gospel or country, I compromised.

For the gospel, I borrowed a lavender maitre d’ tuxedo and green clip-on bow-tie from cousin Chef Juandel.

Lacking a brimmed hat or footwear for the country, I borrowed a blue-frilly sombrero and red pointy boots from cousin The Anglo Mariachi Cowboy.

In addition to recognizing all the hits, the most gratifying part of the evening was that I actually lowered the crowd’s median age.

Here is a concert equation for Clovis resident Patti Dobson: MMP = MNPVOYD (Mississippi Mud Pie = Me Not Posting Video of You Dancing).