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Clovis-Carver Public Library

“My Family Table: A Passionate Plea for Home Cooking” by John Besh was given by James and Janice Gravely in memory of Nell Morris.

The James Beard Award-winning restaurateur and “Iron Chef” champion makes a case for the importance of home-cooked meals while sharing essential advice on everything from organizing a kitchen and stocking a pantry to adapting recipes and sharing mealtimes with family.

“Falling Together” by Marisa de los Santos centers on three one-time friends who meet at a college reunion where they confront the reasons their seemingly magical and lifelong bond fell apart and discover how — and if — it can ever fall back together.

“Deep Sky Wonders: A Tour of the Universe” by Sue French introduces readers to backyard star gazing through hundreds of full-color images, historical and scientific background, color sky charts and maps for each month of the year, and 100 in-depth tours with the use of the backyard telescope.

“Killed at the Whim of a Hat” by Colin Cotterill combines humor, fascinating characters, and an unlikely setting as Jimm Juree, a crime reporter for the Chiang Mai Daily Mail, unravels the mysteries behind the murder of an abbot at a Buddhist temple and the discovery of two skeletons near a village on the southern coast of Thailand.

“Aerosmith: The Ultimate Illustrated History of the Boston Bad Boys” by Richard Bienstock presents a lively history of the most mercurial rock ’n’ roll band of all time, illustrating their rise, fall, and rebirth through nearly 400 photographs that mark the milestone moments of their unforgettable live performances.

“Acceptable Loss” by Anne Perry blends historical detail, colorful characters, and a crime of monstrous evil as William Monk and his intrepid wife Hester unravel a case that takes them to the docks of the Thames River in Victorian London and brings them into a deadly confrontation with some of the empire’s most respected men.

“Across Many Mountains: A Tibetan Family’s Epic Journey From Oppression to Freedom” by Yangzom Brauen tells the grim and yet uplifting story of three women who journeyed from Tibet to Switzerland to escape the holocaust that began with the Chinese invasion of their country.

Portales Public Library

“Fallen in Love” by Lauren Kate Everyone has their own love story; Lauren Kate gives you four incredible tales. Love came when Miles and Shelby least expected it. Roland learns a painful lesson about not just finding love, but losing it also. Arriane pays the price for a love so intense it burns. Daniel and Luce have a sensational moment like no other. These are the love stories everyone has been waiting for.

“Justin Case: School, Drool, and Other Daily Disasters” by Rachel Vail The beginning of Justin’s school year isn’t starting out so well. He didn’t get the teacher he wanted, his sister is starting kindergarten at his school, and he’s really nervous about starting the third grade. To add a little more stress to his life, his favorite stuffed animal is missing, but he can’t tell anyone because, well he’s just a little too old to own a stuffed animal. Justin will bravely try to step out of his shell as he deals with a complicated elementary life.

“Longing” by Karen Kingsbury Bailey and Cody have taken some time apart and have started spending their spare time with other people. This separation has left Bailey to feel as if maybe her days with Cody are over… forever. Even though they are spending time with other people, Cody and Bailey find themselves longing for each other, longing for answers, longing for the past. When Cody and Bailey find themselves together, the first time in a year, will they finally get the answers they’re looking for?