Preparations in place for Floyd Jamboree

File photo Floyd Lions Club Vice President Fred Patterson said the Floyd Jamboree will have plenty of many familiar faces again this year. Secretary Paul Benoit said they hope to have local celebrity Will Banister attending again.

The Floyd Jamboree will go on this year despite no one showing for Sunday’s auditions, according to Floyd Lions Club Vice President and Jamboree Program Chairman Fred Patterson.

Patterson said he still expected to have a full slate of participants. There were about 30 participants at the 2011 event.

“I’ve already contacted everybody (from last year) and everybody’s told me their plans are to be on the show,” Patterson said. “There are even a few people who know they have conflicted schedules Saturday night, so they plan to be in the show Thursday and Friday.”

Patterson said he knows of only one performer from last year who will not be able to attend this year.

Patterson said the audition was held to see if there was new talent to the area who wanted to participate and several people showed interest in auditioning, but were unable to attend the audition for varying reasons.

He said another audition will not be held for the event.

“There was one person who used to attend as part of a trio and they requested to come audition as a single act,” Patterson said. “Since they were previous performers, we might listen to what they’ve got.”

Patterson said this year’s jamboree will be held March 29-March 31, with the Sunday gospel show April 1.

He said instead of opening the gospel show to anyone who wants to perform, the club will invite only certain performers to play at the event this year to keep it organized.

“It’s going to be a good show,” Patterson said. “Before, a lot of people just got together and played; there wasn’t a lot of practice. This is going to be a little more polished, more like an actual jamboree.”

Patterson said club members have a lot of work to do between now and the event.

“Some of the (house) band members that showed up for auditions seemed excited to get going again,” Patterson said. “We stay so busy during this time that we don’t really schedule a whole lot of other things.”

Patterson and Lion’s Club Secretary Paul Benoit said the event sticks strictly to country music but song selections are different every year with the exception of two or three favorites, which audience members request almost every year.

Patterson and Benoit said they hope to have local celebrity Will Banister return again for the show but are unsure if he will be able to attend.

“Every year, we get people who come from all over the state,” Benoit said. “We’re excited about the show. We know it’s going to be the same quality as it is every year and we’re ready to get started.”