Shooting timeline

Timeline of events related to the shooting death of 10-year-old Carlos Perez, according to law-enforcement officials:

• Sept. 14, 2005: Clovis High School student Orlando Salas, 15, wanted to fight Ruben Perez, 17, at school, and pulled a knife on him in a restroom.

The fight never took place, but Salas’ brothers Demetrio Salas and Edward Salas, along with friends David Griego and Noe Torres, began searching for Perez after school.

• Sept. 15, 2005: Sometime after 2 a.m., nine shots were fired into the West 15th Street Clovis apartment bedroom where Perez was sleeping with his younger brother Carlos Perez.

Eight bullets hit furniture, one struck 10-year-old Carlos in the head. He died about 16 hours later.

Demetrio and Edward Salas, along with Griego, were soon arrested and charged with murder.

Orlando Salas was charged possession of a knife and aggravated assault. Authorities did not believe was not at the scene of the shooting.

Torres could not be located, but was charged with murder.

• May 11, 2006: Orlando Salas, after reaching a plea agreement with prosecutors, was sentenced to the custody of Children Youth and Families Department until he turned 21. He was 16 at the time.

He told investigators his brother Demetrio Salas fired the bullet that killed Carlos Perez.

Orlando Salas participated in planning the shooting, but was not present. He told investigators Demetrio Salas became upset after learning about Orlando’s confrontation with Ruben Perez at school.

• Feb. 13, 2007: Police announce tips that point to Noe Torres being in Clovis.

• Sept. 27, 2007: Orlando Salas declines to testify in accordance with a plea agreement. District Attorney Matt Chandler responds that he intends to file adult charges against Orlando Salas. He was later convicted of contempt of court and battery on a peace officer for an unrelated incident.

• Oct. 4, 2007: Demetrio Salas and David Griego are found guilty of charges relating to the shooting of Perez.

• Jan. 14, 2008: Griego sentenced to 16 years for second-degree murder; his sentence was later enhanced to 24 years based on prior convictions. Demetrio Salas sentenced to life, plus 10 years.

• April 11, 2008: Edward Salas is found guilty of first-degree murder, attempted murder of Ruben Perez, shooting into a dwelling, intimidation of a state’s witness, conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit shooting into an occupied dwelling.

• June 10, 2008: Torres has a conversation with law enforcement, and demands charges against him be dismissed.

• June 13, 2008: Torres is added to the website for FOX’s “America’s Most Wanted,” located at He is the second fugitive from the 9th Judicial District to be featured on the site. The other was a sex offender from Roosevelt County in 2007.

• June 28, 2008: Torres is featured on an “America’s Most Wanted” episode.

• July 15, 2008: Edward Salas is sentenced to life, plus 56 years, by Judge Teddy Hartley. A life sentence requires 30 years in prison, then service of the remaining sentence if release is granted.

• Aug. 24, 2008: Salas is one of eight prisoners to escape the Curry County Adult Detention Center, while he is awaiting transfer to the New Mexico Department of Corrections.

The eight inmates — Salas, Larry McClendon, Victor Sotelo, Michael England, Louis Chavez, Reynaldo Enriquez, Victor Apodaca and Javier Zapata.

Apodaca was captured later that night by police. Discovery of Apodaca tipped off county officials to the escape.

• Aug. 25, 2008: Reynaldo Enriquez captured near Lubbock. Javier Zapata captured in Cactus, Texas.

• Aug. 28, 2008: Victor Sotelo captured in Albuquerque.

• Sept. 6, 2008: “America’s Most Wanted” episode focusing on the jail escape airs on FOX

• Sept. 20, 2008: Second segment on jail escape airs on “America’s Most Wanted.”

• Oct. 2, 2008: Torres has a three-hour phone call with authorities, according to District Attorney Matt Chandler. Chandler said Torres had conditions for his surrender and insisted staff from “America’s Most Wanted” be included in the call. Chandler told the CNJ that Torres was not in a position to negotiate with his office.

• Oct. 4, 2008: Larry McClendon is captured in Amarillo based on a tip from an “America’s Most Wanted” viewer.

• Oct. 13, 2008: Michael England is captured in a Clovis apartment.

• Dec. 6, 2008: Torres, Salas are featured on “America’s Most Wanted” episode

• Dec. 8, 2008: Louis Chavez is captured outside a Clovis supermarket when he is recognized by a citizen who called police.

• Dec. 19, 2008: Torres contacts the Clovis News-Journal and leaves a three-minute phone message, alleging corruption by investigators.

• Dec. 20, 2008: Salas is featured on “America’s Most Wanted” episode.

• Dec. 31, 2008: Torres contacts the CNJ and has an hour-long discussion. He said he was with Edward Salas on the day Carlos Perez was shot, but denied being anywhere near the shooting. He said three females who testified against him in trials for his co-defendants were lying to protect themselves from prosecution.

• Jan. 17, 2009: Torres leaves another phone message to the CNJ.

• Jan. 30, 2009: In a 30-minute phone call with the CNJ, Torres refuses an invitation to speak with police, noting that he could just as easily call them himself. He asks the CNJ to coordinate a conference call between himself and two women who testified against him in the trials of his co-defendants. His request is declined.

• May 12, 2009: Torres speaks with officers in the offices of the Clovis News-Journal. The conversation, which lasted less than 15 minutes, took place on Torres’ insistence a reporter be present. District Attorney Matt Chandler and Investigator Dan Aguilar said they were only interested in discussing Torres’ surrender. Torres had no plans to surrender.

• June 13, 2009: Torres is featured on “America’s Most Wanted” episode

• Aug. 8, 2009: Torres, Salas are featured on “America’s Most Wanted” episode.

• June 15, 2010: Demetrio Salas’ conviction upheld in state Supreme Court.

• Oct. 13, 2010: An arrested warrant to hasten extradition from Mexico is obtained for Torres.

• Dec. 17, 2011: Salas featured on “America’s Most Wanted” episode.

• Dec. 19, 2011: Edward Salas is added to the U.S. Marshals Service 15 Most Wanted fugitive list. The reward for his arrest is increased to $25,000.

• Jan. 25, 2012: Torres is arrested in Mexico.