D.A. hopes to transfer Torres to state prison

CNJ staff

Captured fugitive Noe Torres will be sent to Curry County’s troubled jail once he is on U.S. soil but District Attorney Matt Chandler doesn’t anticipate he will be there long.

Chandler said Thursday that accused child-killer Torres will be booked into the jail but he plans to immediately file a motion in court to transfer Torres to a more secure state prison. Chandler said there is a state law that allows such an immediate transfer because of Torres’ status as a high flight risk.

Torres, 32, was captured Jan. 25 in Chihuahua Mexico, ending a six-year international manhunt. He is accused of being part of a gang that pumped nine bullets into a house in Clovis, killing 10-year-old Carlos Perez as he lay sleeping.

Torres has maintained he is innocent of the crime.

Chandler said paperwork to extradite Torres has already been filed in Mexico by the attorney general for the state of Chihuahua.

“The hearing will be conducted in Mexico,” Chandler said. “We believe it will take place in the next 30 to 60 days.”

Chandler said once Torres sets foot on U.S. soil under armed escort by Mexican authorities, he will be handed over to U.S. Marshals, who will then transfer him to Curry County authorities.

Edward Salas and Demetrio Salas, along with friend David Griego, have been convicted in connection with the death of Carlos Perez.

Edward Salas escaped from the Curry County jail on Aug. 24, 2008, and remains at large. Chandler declined comment on any questions about the Salas case, saying he didn’t want to jeopardize the ongoing investigation to capture yet another fugitive.