Study, support group ‘Loving Your Military Man’ organized by Cannon spouses

Cannon Connections: Christina Calloway From left, Leslie Scott, Laura Sammons, and Danielle Cowart are three military wives and mothers dedicated to helping other military wives with the struggles that come with being married to military men. The women are facilitators of the 10-week workshop, Loving Your Military Man hosted at Central Baptist Church in Clovis. The workshop and support group is open to all military wives.

Christina Calloway

Most people would agree that marriage comes with challenges and hardships, but three women who are married to airmen from Cannon Air Force Base say that military marriages have different challenges that most civilians may not understand.

Leslie Scott, Danielle Cowart, and Laura Sammons understand the challenges that come with being a military wife and they think through study and God that they can make their relationship with their husbands stronger.

The three of them are facilitating a study and support group for military wives stationed at Cannon entitled “Loving Your Military Man” at Central Baptist Church in Clovis.

This 10-week study group that began Monday is just one of Central Baptist’s efforts in transitioning into a military-focused church but the program is not limited to members of that church or that denomination, the only requirement for attendance is being a military wife.

“Our study is also the first step in stepping out beyond the bounds of the church doors to implement this resource into the community,” said Sammons who has been married for almost three years but was also at one point on active military duty herself. “We chose this study because it has appeal to military spouses across the board whether they’re brand new spouses, it’s their first duty station or it’s their eighth.”

The study revolves around the book of the same title written by Bea Fishback who designed the study focusing on the biblical passage of Philippians 4:8, really emphasizing that women keep an optimistic frame of mind when it comes to their marriage, according to Sammons.

“It’s not like a Bible beating but a way to use it as a framework to help us to focus on the positive attributes of what our husbands do and what we get to be a part of because of our husbands’ jobs,” Sammons said.

Fourteen participants attended the introduction meeting but they expect about 20 women each week and it is not too late to join if a wife is still interested.

The study will be broken into smaller groups and the women will go over each chapter together, but according to Scott, the results are personal.

“God’s in control of it and he can teach you something through the struggles that you’re going through and that there is a positive way that you have to look at it,” Cowart said. “If you’re not focusing on the positive stuff, it is extremely easy to get down and frustrated and that’s why having a support group with people saying, ‘I’ve been there, you’re going to get through it,’ is priceless.”

The women in the group run the gamut in terms of how long they have been married. Some women have been married for three years while others are on their 18th and about half the group have children.

Sammons said that since the group members are at such different points in their marriage and life, the wives with husbands who have been in for 18 years can easily say, “I’ve been there.”

Scott’s marriage is coming up on 10 years and she is the lead facilitator of the group because she did the study back in 2007 when it was just published.

“It’s been really interesting to look back at my answers based on how I answered a question four years ago versus how I answer a question now and it helps that I have taken away a lot of principles from the study because shaping your thoughts is the goal,” Scott said. “I think about some of the passages that Bea suggests and leaning on what the Lord says, I can focus on that and not become so overwhelmed by some of the challenged we have every day.”

The goal is totally up to the individual because it’s what they get out of coming to the group, according to Cowart.

“I think we’ll each take something completely different from it because the Lord will reveal things to each one of us,” Cowart said. “And the great thing is, we don’t have any rank. So it doesn’t matter what their husband does, we’re spouses so were there for each other, no questions asked.”

Sammons is urging all women who are interested to come out. They will not make anyone speak or do something they’re not comfortable doing and childcare is available on site for free.