McGee: Faded denim not enough to get hot dates

I ran across an article the other day that told of the clothing industry shying away from buying denim things that had been sandblasted. Sandblasting gives that “worn look” that some folks like when they buy jeans. It seems workers doing the job were destroying their lungs by breathing the fine silica in the air.

I suppose dragging your new denim jeans or jacket behind your car might burn some fuel but it wouldn’t get sand in your lungs.

I should explain.

It was back in my high school years. My buddy Catfish had just bought a brand new denim jacket and it was already faded. It seemed to add to his mystique that always got him “hot” dates on Friday nights.

“How’d you get it faded like that?” I asked him.

“Tied it to the back of my car with a rope and drove around the neighborhood a few times,” he said.

So I went to the store and bought a new denim jacket. I promptly tied it to my bumper and proceeded to drive around town dragging my new jacket behind me.

I was having a grand old time until I was pulled over by Mr. Policeman

“Boy, do you know you’re dragging something behind your car?” said Mr. Policeman as he stood by my window.

“Yes sir, that’s a new jacket. I’m trying to make it look worn.”

Mr. Policeman looked at me. I gave him a big, cheesy teenage grin.

“You can’t drive around dragging stuff behind your car. So take it off your bumper and get on out of here,” he said.

“Yes sir,” said I. So I went to get my jacket. I untied it from the bumper and held it up. I had driven just enough to give it that worn look.

Now surely I would have lots of hot dates like my buddy Catfish.

Or so I thought.