Press release: Changes to Chavez West, Base entry

By Public Affairs Office: 27th SOW Public Affairs

Effective 15 Feb 12, visitor entry requirements for Chavez West housing will be identical to visitor entry requirements for Cannon main base. The policy for both locations is that visitors will either be escorted or sponsored by: an Active Duty, Guard or Reserve member on official orders to CAFB; DoD civilian; military retiree; or adult dependent age 18 or older.

Escorting visitors: The above listed personnel may escort visitors in the same vehicle, but must remain with the visitors at all times to include in and out the gate. The base escort process may be suspended at any time. Personnel found in violation of escort requirements may be held administratively or criminally liable and have their base escort/sponsorship authority suspended.

Sponsoring visitors: Sponsors must physically appear at the Visitor Control Center (Main Gate area) with their visitor to get a pass. All personnel 18 years of age and older are required to have a valid U.S. government-issued state or federal ID card with photo and will have a criminal background check conducted prior to receiving a pass. SF will check the visitor against the base barment roster as well as the base driving suspension roster prior to issuing a pass. Passes for visitors entering for social reasons will be issued a pass valid up to 48 hours. Visits longer than 48 hours require Commander or First Sergeant endorsement.

Sponsors and escorts are responsible for their visitors at all times while the visitors are on the installation.

Security Forces has a system in place for deliveries that does not require resident action.

Contact Security Forces (784-4499) with any questions.