Press release: ENMU sets record spring enrollment

PORTALES—For the first time in its history, Eastern New Mexico University’s enrollment for a spring semester has surpassed 5,000 with 5,084 students. This spring’s enrollment is an increase of 4.5 percent over the previous record for a spring enrollment, set last year with 4,864 students.

Student credit hours, which higher education institutions funding is based on, increased by 4.0 percent, the first time Eastern has exceeded 50,000 with 51,047 for a spring semester.

ENMU’s record spring enrollment includes 3,922 undergraduate and 1,162 graduate students. These include 1,071 freshmen and sophomores, 2,421 juniors and seniors and 1,162 graduate students. (Undergraduate totals do not match the totals for freshmen through seniors because of non-degree-seeking students.)

Campus housing is also bustling with 877 students on campus compared to 828 one year ago.