ENMU spring enrollment sets record

Freedom New Mexico

For the first time in its history, Eastern New Mexico University’s enrollment for a spring semester has surpassed 5,000 students.

At 5,084 students for the semester, the university is sitting at a 4.5 percent increase over last year’s enrollment of 4,864 students.

Spring student credit hours, which higher education funding is based on, increased by 4 percent, exceeding 50,000 for the first time at 51,047 hours.

“We are very pleased with this year’s spring enrollment. The university enjoyed good retention from the fall semester and had a good influx of new students,” ENMU President Steven Gamble said. “Setting an all-time spring enrollment record is gratifying because it reinforces that students and parents recognize that we are providing an education and environment that allows students to thrive.”

Of the 5,084 students attending ENMU this semester, 3,922 are undergraduates.