Man sought for illness may have been spotted

CNJ staff

A Clovis man sought in a statewide manhunt may have been spotted Monday near West Seventh and Thornton streets.

Clovis police and Curry County Undersheriff Wesley Waller confirmed responding to a report of someone spotting Robert J. Gutierrez, 45, who officials say has active pulmonary tuberculosis and is considered infectious.

Both departments responded to a call placed at 8:39 p.m. to Clovis dispatch.

Capt. Patrick Whitney said a Clovis officer was dispatched six minutes after the call was received and was in the area some 40 seconds later. Waller said deputies also responded.

Neither department was able to locate Gutierrez.

The state department of public safety has an active court order to arrest Gutierrez and place him in isolation pending a court hearing.

Dr. Maggie Gallaher, medical director for the state’s public health division, said the risk of contracting tuberculosis is relatively low.

Gutierrez is described as a 5-foot-8 man weighing 176 pounds. The caller told police he was wearing a black jacket, tennis shoes, and faded blue jeans.