Letters to the editor: Candidate understands our needs

Candidate understands our needs

All the candidates agree and will evidently support ensuring water is available for Clovis in the future.

Likewise the candidates all support improving roads in the city.

How can Clovis survive and prosper without those obvious issues being settled?

There is a city commissioner candidate running in District 1 that will look well beyond the obvious. Jan Elliott knows firsthand our city employees need training and support to do the jobs we count on them to do. Jan also knows the future of Clovis depends on an educational infrastructure that is prepared to support employers considering moving or starting up in this area.

She will work with Clovis Community College, Eastern New Mexico University and Clovis Municipal Schools with insight and vision to help develop curriculum to encourage and support new jobs in Clovis.

Starting new manufacturing sites, hiring and training employees was a big part of my working life and I know Jan’s vision of local curriculum development linked to future employer needs is the real future of Clovis.

We must be smart with our money and our votes. Jan Elliott has pinpoint vision and the commitment to move Clovis to the future without increasing or wasting taxpayer money.

Please consider priorities beyond the obvious and vote for Elliott.