Portales police now say HomeServe legit

Alisa Boswell

Contrary to a press release issued by the Portales Police Department earlier this week, HomeServe USA is a legitimate business, according to company Senior Vice President Myles Meehan.

“What HomeServe is, is a new way to get plumbing, electrical and HV/AC services, so what we provide is emergency service plans for homeowners,” Meehan said.

Portales police Sgt. Kirk Wilson said the department has determined the company is legitimate but declined further comment.

Phil Sisneros, director of communications for the New Mexico Attorney General, said he has heard concerns from across the state about the company and the agency is conducting an investigation.

“We have not made that determination,” Sisneros said of HomeServe. “All I can tell is we have received more than one report on this. At this time, they are still compiling information.”

Meehan said he believes the misunderstanding about his company comes because the company is new to New Mexico. He said many homeowners have no idea the water line insurance coverage they offer could be necessary.

He said the plan his company has been offering local residents by mail is the Water Service Line Plan, which provides coverage for a home’s water line if it breaks and the homeowner needs it replaced or repaired.

“What most homeowners don’t know is they are responsible for the main water line running to their house,” Meehan said. “The water company is responsible for the water line that runs from the property line to the water main.

Meehan said the company’s branches are located in Miami, Fla., Stamford, Conn., and Chattanooga, Tenn., but they serve customers all over the nation.

“We just entered into business in Canada in addition to the 40 states we serve,” he said. “We serve over a million homeowners.”