Reaction to change controllable

A friend of mine had lunch Tuesday in Lubbock. I don’t know what she had, but I do know she’s probably not going back there.

She got a fortune cookie after her meal, and the fortune read, “Did you enjoy your meal? Order another one to go.” Really? It’s one thing to try to upsell a dessert during the meal, but it’s another to upsell a meal during dessert.

Sometimes, being overaggressive is a necessary business decision. Sometimes, it’s a bad business decision. I’m not sure where my business card decision is going to fall in the next few weeks.

Over my time working for Freedom New Mexico, I have had business cards. Over other times, I have not. And, as an offshoot of Murphy’s Law, I’ve found you only need business cards when you don’t have any.

“Thanks, Kevin. Do you have a business card?”

“Not at the moment, but I’d be happy to write my contact information on this torn-off notepad sheet. You won’t lose that, right?”

And when I have business cards? Don’t need ‘em.

“Here’s my card.”

“Nah, that’s OK, Kevin. I can just call the newspaper.”

It was about two Wednesdays ago when I entered another one of those “Got ‘em” periods of business cards. A box of 500 arrived with my name, positions, contact information, a link to my company Facebook profile and our Freedom New Mexico logo.

But last Tuesday happened, and the position flipped again. If you’re not aware, the Clovis News Journal, Portales News-Tribune and Quay County Sun were sold to a Wyoming-based partnership that is establishing Clovis Media Inc. Once the deal closes in a matter of a few weeks, Freedom New Mexico will be no more.

Without revealing trade secrets, some have excitement, and some have trepidation (some people have both). My reaction is that I’ve got a bunch of business cards with the old logo, and I need a way to upgrade.

I’ve developed a business card plan, hopefully better than that restaurant’s plan. Basically, if they don’t have my business card, they’ll have it before they leave.

“Kevin Wilson. Here’s my card. My newspaper got sold. Everything except the logo will still work.” I gave away two dozen at the Clovis dog park opening Monday.

The lesson I’m trying to take is that the only thing I can control about this ownership change is my reaction, and I might as well be positive in my reaction. So far, I think people have enjoyed the approach.

The way I figure, I’ll need 50 to keep just in case, and another 50 to go on a serious “Drop your business card to win a free lunch” binge. That leaves 400 cards to give away in the next few months, and I’ll have to be overaggressive to get them out on the streets of eastern New Mexico.

So if you see me, ask for one. Use them. Contact me with tips and story ideas. But just look the other way when the new bosses come for a meet-and-greet and I tell them with a straight face, “I need new business cards. I went through 450 of them in a matter of weeks.”