Local Republicans see no clear frontrunner

Kevin Wilson

In discussing the ongoing Republican presidential nominating process, only a few things are certain.

First, there’s no sure way to know right now who’s going to be the candidate to take on Democratic incumbent Barack Obama.

“It’s a winnowing situation and we’re down to four candidates,” Curry County Republican Party Chairman R.L. “Rube” Render said. “If you put a gun to my head and asked which two (are the frontrunners), I couldn’t tell you.”

Second, even with new leaders seemingly every month and momentum only lasting until the next Tuesday’s primary, local GOP leads say this is the way it’s supposed to go.

“I think it’s healthy,” said Walter Bradley of Clovis, who served as lieutenant governor under Gary Johnson, who dropped out of the GOP race and is exploring a run on the Libertarian Party ticket. “I think it’s been interesting to watch the media react and overreact. But the truth is, this is what politics is all about and what our Constitution guarantees —