Fall 2011 ENMU dean’s list

Here’s a list of Clovis and Portales-area students who are among 724 students on the 2011 fall semester dean’s honor roll at Eastern New Mexico University.


They and their majors are: Dylan C. Otero, undeclared; Jennifer Renee Schaap, physical education; Kaci L. Tibbs, psychology; Wednesday A. Westbrook, undeclared; Marisela Acuna, elementary education; Chautauqua T.S. Acy, criminal justice; Danielle Adams, psychology; Nicole D. Anaya, biology; Zachary B. Anderson, undeclared; Mandi Lucille Baca, communicative disorders; Ricky G. Bardwell, digital filmmaking; Shane B. Barnes, criminal justice; Kaylee Reshea Barron, biology; John T. Berry, accounting; Michelle Blanco, biology; Kourtney R. Boardley, undeclared; Hayley Janay Booker, social work; Colton L. Brewer, religion; Maria C. Briseno, early childhood education; Dalton S. Britt, undeclared; Larry Jacob Caffrey, music; Brian Campbell, management; Eric Anthony Collings, information systems; Taylor M. Dickson, art; Morgan N. Duval, biology; Jennifer Renee Enderez, social work; Andrew R. Estes, information systems; Abbie Ford, undeclared; Elena G. Garcia, social work; Omar Gonzalez, undeclared; Ean J. Guthals, art; Kyle E. Hammond, wildlife and fisheries science; Mandi E. Hatcher, theatre; Carl J. Hawkins, undeclared; Skyler Hodson, business administration; Meghan D. Howard, biology; Michaela M. Hulder, communicative disorders; Lara S. Kennedy, psychology; Sarah K. Kingsbury, digital filmmaking; Jennifer M. Landry, History; Joshua L Lansford, accounting; Mariah E. Logsdon, elementary educ.special educ.; Alexandria J. Malone, social work; Aaron J Marquis, undeclared; John M. Martinez, business administration; Kyree C. Mcfield, theatre; Stefan A. Mills, mathematics; Megan Marie Neighoff, music; Lincoln De Shaun Nora, computer science; Tori Northcutt, biology; Kelsey A. Poulin, undeclared; Jacob Starling Powell, psychology; Elisabeth M. Rebman, communicative disorders; Gabrealle Marie Romero, mathematics; Ashley M. Runquist, communicative disorders; Christopher D. Salazar, undeclared; Joanne M. Sapudar, psychology; Brandon S. Speice, undeclared; Katelynnd B. Summers, communication; Alexis L Tenorio, social work; Kim Marie Thongdy, nursing; Tad Micheal Treft, professional chemistry (plan1); Jeremy K. Urban, music; William Marcell Ware, social work; Morgan Brooke Westerfield, English; Madeline R. Whitmore, wildlife and fisheries science; David G. Willmon, biology.


They and their majors are: Monica C. Adams, electronics engineering. tech comp; Gabriel V. Ayala, communicative disorders; Josue Barrera, Art; Cayla S. Bergsieker, family and consumer science; Alan E. Bolstad, business administration; Jacob David Bonner, history; Adriana A. Calbert, social work; Arsenia G. Castillo, undeclared; Megan R. Chambers, undeclared; Toni Michele Cox, Applied arts and sciences; Glennda J. Curnutt, undeclared; Ciara D. Foust, communicative disorders; Alisha D. Franks, undeclared; Isel Gallegos, undeclared; Stephanie Gallegos, university studies; Gabriella R. Garcia, communicative disorders; James M. Golden, communicative disorders; Katlyn N. Gore, undeclared; Latisha M. Gossett, undeclared; Emily L. Griffith, undeclared; Tara N. Johnson, physical education; Lindsay M. Keller, communicative disorders; William L. Lampkins, undeclared; Jessica Lavalle, undeclared; Shelby E. Lucero, undeclared; Adriana M. Marez, undeclared; Sawyer K. May, agricultural business; Raymond M. Montoya, psychology; Jessica A. Orozco, criminal justice; Ethan Orlando Ortega, anthropology; Daniel Perez, music; Dakoda D. Phillips, psychology; Matthew D. Poynor, religion; Amanda M. Pullen, communicative disorders; Dallas R. Russell, undeclared; Brianna M. Sigala, communicative disorders; Timothy R. Smith, history; Katherine J. Spotswood, psychology; Colton Greggory Stanton, family and consumer scie. comp.; Shawna M. Stinnett, accounting; Devon Stinson, aviation science; Blake Michael Stover, undeclared; Justin C. Strawn, mathematics; Carissa Swift, anthropology; Kathleen Francis Swineford, digital filmmaking; Christian B. Townsend, political science; Clinton D. Turner, undeclared; Bryan W. Watson, computer science; Thomas A. Watson, information systems; Ryan D. Wood, music.