Change to city golf course exciting

I would like to thank the city of Clovis for the new plans for the Municipal Golf Course space.

Keeping the par-3 course open will provide opportunities for youth programs, academic programs through Clovis Community College, and an alternative to the 18-hole course for golfers.

I am especially, excited, however, about the majority of the old golf course being opened up for walking and running.

For the first time in the 20 years that I have run in Clovis, there is now an off-pavement place to run with no dogs and no cars. I have been chased by big dogs, little dogs, mean dogs and playful dogs from all parts of Clovis. Now I don’t even have to think about them. I see them playing in the dog park as I run by.

The trees, grass, and even those crazy geese have created a real park-like atmosphere that has rejuvenated my running and eased the daily shock to my 47-year-old legs.

Thank you!