Co-worker known for dedication, service

One more day, one more conversation, one more outburst of laughter and even one more time just to argue with you.

These are a few things I and many others wish we could have with Catherine Bugg.

I’d like one more chance to speak up and let her know just how much she and her friendship mean to us.

We shared this office, Amanda Smith, Catherine and I; it was our second home in a sense. I know that sounds crazy or maybe even a little sad, but for five days a week we spent about seven hours together. Sometimes we even spent weekends together, singing up a storm.

Some of you may not know this, but Catherine could sing a mean version of The Doors’ “Light My Fire,” and gave an energetic rendition of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.”

She spoke French, loved to cook, easily beat us at Jeopardy!, loved animals, and laughed loudly when I compared her eating habits to that of a turtle.

These are but a few things that made Catherine who she was. Just when you thought you knew who she was she’d come right out of left field and pull the rug out from under you. But she’d smile and extend her hand to help you up.

I knew Catherine before we worked together; she was the competition, meaning she once worked for the radio station.

I mean that in jest of course. Catherine and I sat together for many meetings and media events.

Then one day, as luck would have it, she came to work in the same office. It was certainly different having her around. She was a rare breed of person.

She lived for the moment and rarely, if ever, was afraid to speak her mind. She could whisk into a room, cause a buzz and exit that same room with the stealth of a ninja.

She was active in many groups and organizations … too many to mention, though I’m sure the other members would say something along the lines of, “She was dedicated.”

Catherine was part of the local food co-op and would pick up the cheese from the Tucumcari Mountain Cheese Company. She would flaunt the cheesy goodness before me, knowing my love of the dairy product. I would sometimes joke with her saying, “Better not get pulled over with that many ‘bricks’ or you’ll make the cover of the paper.”

I was recently told about her days with the Fraternal Order of Police by her friend, Noreen Hendrickson. Hendrickson told me about the time they colored 5,000 Easter eggs in five gallon buckets of dye. Needless to say the mess and chaos was too much to handle, and gradually they switched over to 15,000 plastic eggs filled with jelly beans. Catherine would strike a nerve in some parents, as one year they gave away baby chick and rabbits at the Easter Egg hunt.

She was an active member and participant of animal rescue groups. In fact, when she died in an automobile accident on Saturday, she was transporting a puppy as part of her efforts to aid the cause.

Over the past three days I have read and heard about how much Catherine dedicated herself to helping animals. When it comes down to it, she was doing what she loved to do: Helping animals.

It seems noble to me, but it was just one more day for Catherine.