amos the churchmouse: amos celebrates his birthday

Gary Mitchell

amos the churchmouse:
a view from under the pew

Editor’s note: Amos is a churchmouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift, and he shuns punctuation marks – except hyphens and dashes.

amos celebrates his birthday

boss having a birthday
isn t so bad – if only
you didn t have to age any

you ask me how old i
am but i think i ll adopt
the same policy that
the giant redwoods of
california fame have –
never reveal your age
until it s all over – and
above all never outlive
your usefulness

boss i woke up this
morning feeling rather
decrepit and worn-out
even my cozy little
matchbox bed looked
like it had a lot of old
gray cobwebs all around it

when i rolled out of
bed i stubbed my litte
mousy paw – it hurts
more when you get
older you know boss –
my favorite cheesecloth
suit looked tattered and
worn even my shoes were
old and wrinkled
life seemed dreary dismal
and gloomy