Behind the scenes with Sheryl Borden

CMI photo: Tony Bullocks “Creative Living” where Sheryl Borden records her show on the campus of Eastern New Mexico University. The set shown is one of three sets for “Creative Living” and is used to produce 54 shows a year.

Tonjia Rolan

Sheryl Borden has been the star of KENW-TV’s “Creative Living” for 35 years and has no plans to stop. At a taping session Thursday in Portales, Borden said “As long as we have a station, I’d like to do the show.” Borden, who has a master’s degree in education, said “Home economics is my love. I love demonstrating home ec(onomics) techniques. I’m a home economist and I’m proud of it.”

Borden said when KENW-TV first started broadcasting, she proposed the homemaking show idea to Broadcasting Director Duane Ryan for two years before “he thought of it.” “Once Duane thought of the idea, he hired me” she joked.

Thursday’s taping at KENW-TV broadcasting studio, located at Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, included three segments with cookbook author Julia Usher of St. Louis, Mo., who demonstrated cookie art, and an interview with local recording artists Will Banister and Johnny Mulhair, of the Mulberry band.

The three 11-minute segments featuring Usher will appear in three separate shows from September 2012 through March 2013. By combining different guest segments into one show, “Creative Living” can offer a variety of topics in a single program, Borden said.