Audio transcript

Below is a transcript of the phone conversation between Stephenson and Garrison in which they discuss the gun theft:

Stephenson: Yeah, this is Zach Stephenson. And I was bonded out of jail by some detectives who had promised me leniency for either finding some drugs on the street for them or trying to recover stolen firearms or any kind of stolen merchandise. I came across a stolen AR-15 that confirmed what particular detective that I had been talking to, as one that had been stolen from the task force. I had been told that if I can get it back for them that it would make it some leniency, and I’m calling the detective right now and verifying all this information.

(Phone ringing.)

Garrison: Hello?

S: Hey, what’s going on?


S: Hey, I’m sorry, man. I think that — I think that — well, I gave the dude with the (inaudible ) another hundred bucks and — I gave the guy $200. And he’s supposed to be going over supposedly to pick him some — you know, that was some of his cash and he’s going to get it for me, he said. He’s still trying to tell me, you know what I mean, that — but he thinks that I have the rest of the money like pretty much on hand — and whenever he shows up with it. Hopefully he’ll be showing up here real soon. I don’t know, you know, how long I’m going to have. Basically, I need to just hold on to it because he thinks I’m — he thinks I have the rest of the cash on me or he thinks that I have the person just like real close, you know, that I can just call.

(Inaudible from phone)

S: I know. But I’m saying like I’m still working on this. You promised me — you promised me that if I get this done for you that I’m going to get some leniency.

G: Yeah, yeah. I want to help you out. I’m —

S: I’m —

G: When — I’m supposed to go on that — going on this deer hunt in the morning.

S: OK.

G: And I’ll back tomorrow about 5:00 o’clock. (Inaudible) — I’ll pick it up from you and we’ll (inaudible) — check upstairs.

S: Hey, I — and there’s another gun in the house actually. And I didn’t want to, you know, pay too much attention to it, you know what I mean, because I would draw extra suspicion. But he has another gun in the house. It’s sitting directly behind the couch. It looks like a high caliber — like some type of like — you know, a deer rifle, you know, such. I could only see the top end of the barrel, but that’s just what it looks like.

G: OK.

S: Like I said, I don’t know what it’s —

G: … at?

S: This is in that house . You know what I mean? The one kid, Kelly.

G: Who?

S: Kelly.

G: Oh, Kelly. OK, OK.

S: I take …

G: Is it in there now, or what?

S: Not — not this gun that you’re particularly looking for — supposed to get it. But I’m just saying that I saw this other rifle in the house as well.

G: OK. Cool. OK. I just want to know that (inaudible) how many people are involved …

S: Like I said, I already gave ‘em 200 bucks. And what I’m planning on doing is when you — the guy show up I’m going to tell ‘em, yeah, yeah. It’s all good. I have this other guy coming. I’m just going to step outside and call him right now and hopefully he’ll — you know, I’m going to try to get where I already have it in my hands. Now if I can get it to the other room then, I’m just going to walk out the kitchen door and keep walking.

G: (Inaudible.) Can you hear me?

S: Yes, sir. I will.

G: … hands on that thing, give me about 30-40 minutes and I’ll meet you somewhere and …

S: Yes, sir.

G: And then, like I said I got to … in the morning. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll meet with you and we’ll discuss what we need to discuss as far as … if they have to try to … because I don’t want this guy pulling gun and (expletive) and … sticks Lonnie up … federal and maybe we can get this guy … this guy off or whatever and then … I don’t know. We’ll have to … let’s just get the gun and the state police. And then we’ll worry about the rest of that (expletive) later. (Inaudible.) … off the streets …

S: It’s definitely something I don’t want to get caught with, though, right? Like, you know, I should just ask some way I can get a hold of you?

G: Yeah. Get somewhere and I think … you figure out where you’re at just call me.

S: Yes, sir.

G: Say, I got the gun. I’m here. Give me 30 minutes … and show up. We’ll take possession of the gun. And then we’ll go to bed, and I can go to bed and we’ll work the rest of this (expletive) out tomorrow.

S: Yes, sir.

G: Cool?

S: OK, man.