Roosevelt arena to house Ag Expo

Alisa Boswell

The main cause of excitement for the 20th annual Roosevelt County Ag Expo is the new Roosevelt County Event Arena, which will house all of this year’s vendor booths at the event.

Roosevelt County Ag Agent Patrick Kircher said the new facility puts all vendors under one roof.

“I think it will allow greater continuity,” said Kircher. “I think when folks come in, they’ll be able to wander around more easily. It will be a lot more user friendly in the way people walk around.”

Terry said part of the outdoor area will include some county history.

“When people first enter the grounds, they view history, because the tractors will be on the right and the chuck wagons on the left,” said Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce Director Karl Terry. “That’s the good thing about Ag Expo is we pay homage to our past and heritage in our area.”

Terry said a new edition at this year’s event is an old west shoot-out re-enactment held by Folsom Falls Ranches.

“They have a fight and everyone dies. Then, the ranch director, Fred Balmer, says he comes out and heals everybody,” Terry said laughing. “I’m hoping we can get them over to the Jake Lopez Building during the pork chop lunch to do some entertainment.”

Another new event this year, is a segment on how to care for your horse in tough economic times. The segment will be put on by Wendy Toombs, of Abrazos Adventures, a local business that offers horse-riding lessons.

“She was wanting to do something different, so I said, ‘Hey, you’ve got all kinds of things going on out there, so you should be able to do something educational,’” Terry said.

Terry said the event promises to be fun.

“We are high tech as far as agriculture anymore, from the systems they use in the dairies to satellite guidance systems used on tractors,” Terry said. “Every booth you go to, you can find something like that.”

Terry said 110 vendors have reserved booths with 8 to 10 vendor spaces left. He said at least three vendors have shown interest in the last two days about filling those spaces.

“We’re excited the vendor numbers are rebounding. We had some pretty rough years and we are ahead with vendor numbers from last year,” Terry said. “We were sweating a little bit about whether we’d have good numbers due to the drought, but apparently we’re going to have good numbers to put a good show together.”