Letters to the editor: Road signs are distracting to drivers

Road signs are distracting to drivers

Why is it we insist on placing a sign below a stop sign to explain what the stop sign means?

Two more have shown up at Yucca and Los Palomas Road and Plains and Los Palomas Road. The intersection of Norris and Brady has had this useless information posted for years.

Not only is it redundant, it adds to the problem.

I am sure these signs show up because of the high accident rates at these intersections. They are the alternative to the expense and inconvenience of a traffic light. Unfortunately, that solution is misguided.

If you really want to get the driver’s attention, replace that second sign. Install one that shows the number of accidents along with skulls to represent the deaths occurring there. (We can’t use crosses; that would be politically incorrect.)

The message would be absorbed and understood instantly. The current “fix” is a five-word sentence. This pointless information can actually divert a driver’s attention at the worst possible time.