Officials: Hotel Clovis work on schedule

CNJ staff photo: Tony Bullocks City officials said all indications point to the Hotel Clovis renovation being on schedule. Tierra Realty, the company converting the historic hotel into part of an apartment complex, has a deadline of Dec. 31 to finish the project to qualify for tax credits.

CNJ staff

Work on the renovation of Hotel Clovis is so far on schedule, city officials said.

“Nothing’s complete,” Building Safety Director Pete Wilt said last week, noting that electricians will soon be coming in. “They’re still in the framing process.”

Claire Burroughes, legislative and community development director for the city, said the building has been gutted, and most of the interior graffiti should be removed soon.

“There aren’t parts we’ve had to inspect,” Burroughes said, “but Pete Wilt’s been back and forth with them and he’s been satisfied.”

Burroughes has been inside the building during the early stages of the renovation, and said the biggest difference she’s seen is the lighting. That’s because the windows aren’t boarded up anymore, due to Tierra Realty setting up a perimeter around the hotel.

The hotel, as renovated, will become part of a 59-unit apartment complex expected to be complete by Dec. 31. The total project cost, paid for through private funding and tax credits, is $12.8 million.

Once the tallest building between Dallas and Albuquerque, the 80-year-old hotel had fallen on hard times when a contract with a railroad company was not renewed. The hotel closed in 1983, and became city property in 2004.

Stephen Crozier, chief executive officer of Tierra Realty LLC, has not return calls and emails seeking comment.