Lansford: National political views not relevant to mayoral race

Robin Fornoff

David Lansford doesn’t believe his views on national politics are relevant to his quest to once again serve as mayor of Clovis.

Lansford said so in an interview Thursday, when asked about his participation with the ATLAH Media Network, including authoring two editorials that argue President Barack Obama isn’t a natural U.S. citizen and his election was part of a CIA conspiracy.

“I wrote all that,” Lansford said. “I absolutely believe everything I said. But I know there are people who will say anybody who believes that is a whack job.”

Lansford also said Thursday that he planned to withdraw from the race if the CNJ published references to his participation with ATLAH because it would put his family and friends in danger. The next day, Lansford said after discussion with his family and others, he had decided to stay in the race.

The articles for the ATLAH Media Network were published in June and November.

In a June article, Lansford wrote that Obama “is a fraud” and “the carnal manifestation of evil.”

A November Lansford-authored article claims Obama’s election and mainstream media are part of a CIA conspiracy.

“We are in the midst of a well designed plan,” Lansford wrote. “The plan is to condition the public to accept, as normal, government oversight over everything we do.

“If you think Obama is not part of this plan, think clearly and for yourself,” the article notes. “For starters , stop watching mainstream media puppets … all servants of International Banks, Corporations and Intelligence agencies, namely the CIA.”

In May, Lansford traveled to New York to participate as a juror in a mock trial of Obama sponsored by ATLAH and later marched with the group in a demonstration outside Columbia University.

Lansford acknowledged he is a “birther,” that he believes Obama isn’t a natural-born citizen of the U.S. and shouldn’t be allowed to be president.

“It’s all documented,” Lansford said. “If people will open their eyes and do the homework, they will see I’m not a whack job.”

Gayla Brumfield, the incumbent mayor seeking four more years in the position, said though she was aware of the Lansford articles, she opted not to use them in her campaign.

“I’ve run a clean campaign from day one,” Brumfield said, adding that friends had encouraged her to display the articles in an advertisement and she refused.

But Brumfield said her opponent’s national political views are “absolutely relevant, just as mine are.”

Brumfield said she considered Lansford’s views on the president “extreme.”

“Mr. Lansford has every right to believe how he believes,” Brumfield said. “But frankly, I have a problem with it. I’ve spent so much time going to Washington to work on getting funding for the Ute Water Project. That’s a vital part of this job.

“How does he (Lansford) expect to write these kind of articles,” said Brumfield, “and then go up to Washington and try to get money for the community?”

Lansford said while he has differences with Obama, he does respect the office of the president. Besides, he said, the Ute project is long-term and will be ongoing much longer than Obama could be in office.