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Clovis-Carver Public Library

“Power, Politics, and Universal Health Care: The Inside Story of a Century-long Battle” by Stuart Altman takes a historical look at the sometimes hap-hazard, piece-by-piece construction of the nation’s health care system, the factors that led to success or failure, and intriguing stories behind the landmark legislation of 2010.

“Zero Day” by David Baldacci introduces a new hero in John Puller, a combat veteran and the best military investigator in the Army’s Criminal Investigative Division, who is called to a crime scene in rural West Virginia and faces a potential conspiracy that reaches far beyond the small, coal mining town where his search begins.

“Receding Tide: Vicksburg and Gettysburg, The Campaigns That Changed the Civil War” by Edwin Bearss conveys the drama and personalities that shaped this pivotal turning point of our nation’s epic war, and chronicles the tumultuous six-month period surrounding the battles that determined the future of America.

“Heat Rises” by Richard Castle pairs the tough NYPD Homicide Detective Nikki Heat with hotshot reporter Jameson Rook as they investigate the murder of a New York parish priest in a case that pits them against a vicious drug lord, an arrogant CIA contractor, and a shadowy death squad out to gun them down.

“Toward a Better Life: America’s New Immigrants in Their Own Words from Ellis Island to the Present” by Peter Coan spans 120 years of the nation’s immigrant experience as related in the voices of ordinary people from many lands who made up the diverse mosaic of humanity that shaped the country into what it is today.

“The Marriage Plot” by Jeffrey Eugenides describes a year in the lives of three college seniors at Brown in the early 1980s: Madeline, an incurable romantic who is embarrassed at being so normal; Leonard, a brilliant but temperamental loner; and Mitchell, a religious studies major who begins acting strange, as they take their first tentative steps toward true adulthood.

“An Archaeology of Desperation: Exploring the Donner Party’s Alder Creek Camp” edited by Kelly Dixon recreates the saga of the starving travelers from a wagon train that was stranded in the Sierra Nevada in the winter of 1846-47 and whose story is inextricably linked with cannibalism.

Portales Public Library

“Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe” by Benjamin Alire Saenz

Dante and Ari are like dark and light, two completely different boys with nothing in common. But when they meet, they bond instantly. They share thoughts, dreams, humor; they begin to redefine each other’s worlds. With the power of their friendship, they are able to grow into fine young men. This is just a story of two boys, loyalty, trust and friendship.

“Death of a Kingfisher” by M.C. Beaton

When Scotland is hit by a recession, Police Constable Hamish Macbeth notices the townspeople are coming up with new ways to lure in tourists. The only thing they have to offer is the rare beauty of Buchan’s Woods, in looking for something more, the tourist director renames the woods “The Fairy Glen,” and has brochures printed with a picture of a kingfisher rising from a pond on the cover.

When the tourists arrive to a kingfisher hanging from a branch in the woods with a noose around its neck, Hamish Macbeth notices the investigation turning from animal cruelty to murder.

“My Life as a Stuntboy” by Janet Tashjian

How lucky can Derek Fallon get? I mean, he gets the opportunity to be a stunt boy in a major movie which is starring a teen starlet. As luck will have it, he gets to be HER stunt double! What if his friends find out? They’ll never let him live it down. If he needed any more problems, his parents threaten to take away his pet monkey and his best friend just posted an embarrassing video of him on the internet. What else could go wrong?!